Restaurant: Yamashiro

I had dinner at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood this past weekend, which is a neat historical spot. The original building was built in 1911 by the Bernheimer brothers to house their collection of Asian treasures. During the Golden Age, it even became a celebrity hang out! You can read more about its history on the restaurant’s website.

The food there was very good, though I wouldn’t recommend going for the sushi. I ordered the salmon in miso cream sauce and my boyfriend ordered the sushi entreé. The sushi was okay– nothing special, but I did expect more for the price for it! It was still good though, but I’ve had better. On the other hand, the salmon was amazing! I loved the taste of the miso cream sauce. We also had the Kurobuta Carnitas appetizer and it was also really good! Again, it was the sauce that made it good, which had a hint of wasabi in it, I think. For dessert, we had the chocolate souffle, which was pretty yummy too. My favorite part of the whole experience though was the sight and location itself. I love how the restaurant feels like an old Japanese castle from Kyoto– it made my geekier side happy! The garden in the center of the restaurant was really pretty too and I kind of want to go back during one of their movie nights.

The menu is a little bit pricey though, so I’m gonna have to save up for another trip there!

Dinner @ Yamashiro /// lychee martini!!!

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