Don't Pick on Batman

I just read this article from the LATimes, Walk of Fame allege attacks by music vendors, seek officials’ help. Although I’m not really a big fan of these guys posing for money, I believe they have the right to do it. Plus, it’s fun for the most part when everyone plays their part properly and practices good attitude and manners. Sometimes, a tourist just gets the urge to pose with Superman on the Walk of Fame for a dollar tip, right??

What irks me is how it sounds like security officers in the area look at these guys like they’re lower than dirt just because they’re in costume. They’re people too and a lot of them are getting hurt; it’s a police person’s duty to protect them even if they look a little bit ridiculous. Plus, it comes down to stopping so violent in our streets. If the CD vendors ARE gang related, then this could turn into something really serious and dangerous. It sucks that the city is so hesitant to make a move just because it’s for a group of people dressed as comic book or movie characters.

I guess I sympathize with people who likes to run around in costumes.

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