The long anticipated movie by the citizens of NerdLand has finally come out!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it on midnight last night and I’m currently sitting at work, so I do not know yet when I’ll get to see it. I don’t really have my own geek-squad to drag around at midnight showings anymore, especially since we’ve all scattered around the country and world after high school. It’s cool though… I don’t have the same teenager energy to stay up for a movie. Hear that creaking noise?? It’s mah joints and old bones!

I read the review of the movie in the current issue of LA Weekly Magazine, and the critic basically stated a lot of the deficiencies I fear it will have (also, I find it funny they pointed out that the director of this film is described as “visionary” which is a code word for “a hack”– hahaha!). Well… perhaps “fear” is not the word, more like what I anticipated would happen when the comic gets translated onto the big screen.

I believe I will definitely enjoy watching this movie especially since it looks visually stunning. As for the story, I don’t believe a 2 hour flick will fully grasp and communicate the heaviness of the original plot. This movie will basically be just for show and a sweet, sweet giddy high of watching the characters ‘come to life’!

In conclusion, I look forward to watching Watchmen on the big screen, but I’m not really expecting much in terms of doing the story justice.

And I admit it, I love how the costume design for the film is a little bit campy/cheesy superhero style! Even in the comic book I love how cheesy their costumes were because of how much it just contrasted the dark plot.

In other news, I got this awesome package in the mail the other day!!!

From Julien!

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