Myspace, Your Face

It’s a little bit worth noting that now, Myspace offers the NON-FUGLY button on their website! I’ve had a myspace profile for awhile now and lately, I haven’t really touched it at all. I’ve moved all my online networking to facebook because I prefer facebook’s aesthetic’s over myspace’s– where there one too many profiles full of sparkles and giant photos that stretches your browser!

Come on, people! Do you really enjoy having your page look dumb in other people’s computers??

Now, check out my profile!

How crazy cute and nice looking is that?

You can move the different modules around now anywhere you want to on the page, choose different layouts for them, REALLY be able to customize your profile without having to insert random HTML or CSS coding all over the place…! I’m really seeing this website in under a new light now!

Good for you, myspace! Your aesthetics is finally starting to catch up with your popularity!

I still like facebook better though. Just saying.

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