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Anime Expo 2009

I had no great desire to attend Anime Expo this year because of fading interest of the whole cosplay and fandom scene. Also, 90% of anime convention attendees challenges my patience on many-a-levels and the lack of dignity from a lot of these kids just makes me throw up in my mouth a little mostly…! The cosplay scene, in my opinion, has deteriorated save for a handful of cosplayers who still make a good effort and have it show.

Then again, this could just be the blatter of a bitter, older, ex-cosplayer who just can’t relate to the new generation of convention goers… either way, I can’t deal with the random “glomping”, non-sensical screaming and those fucking YAOI paddles– honestly, people truly need to get BEATEN with those things. Why do people feel the need to drop common social courtesy inside an anime convention? It’s a mystery!

I can go on and on about this really.

Now for the true convention report. I felt more relaxed without the hassle of cosplaying and my main purpose at the convention was to check out the artist alley. A couple of my friends had tables, including my family who owns Fuzz Academy! I worked at the Funimation booth for three hours on Friday, and again on Sunday. I showed up briefly on Saturday to deliver black socks for my friend’s cosplay (I’m a good friend, dammit)

Anime Expo 2009
Start ’em young! So cute!

I did mostly a lot of walking around taking photos of cosplayers I liked. I poked at the Exhibit Hall booths but ended up buying nothing; though the temptation to buy a pink or yellow PSP almost got me at one point… I ended up buying three prints at Artist Alley from three artists that really stood out for me. I’m pretty impressed with this new wave of artist alleys at convention, having it become MORE than just artists taking commissions at their tables. There are all kinds of merchandise on sale these days. I fear everything gets a little bit muddled as each table seem to offer the same “chibi” keychains over and over again. But, I am glad I found three really beautiful art prints that will hang on my walls some day!

The more exciting event for me was when my friend and I accidentally stumbled upon the autograph area for the cast of Power Rangers. Lucky for us, the original actor for the Black Ranger was there! He was an incredibly nice guy and he hasn’t aged a year!

Marie with the original black power ranger!
Marie and Walter Jones who played “Zack” in the original series!

Overall, the convention is not as special as it used to be for me. I’m sure it still is for many of the younger generation and for those who still dedicate themselves to convention attendance and cosplay. I can’t say it’s not cool to have a place for like-minded geeks to get together, right?

On another note, this is the first time I’ve gotten sick after a convention! Which is ironic since I took it easy this year too. I had stupidly posed in thin costumes in snow and yet it’s the Los Angeles summer that eventually got me!

Anime Expo 2009Anime Expo 2009
Anime Expo 2009Anime Expo 2009
Anime Expo 2009Anime Expo 2009
Anime Expo 2009Anime Expo 2009

For more photos, please visit my flickr set!

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