San Diego Comic Com 2009 – Report Part 3

On Saturday, I attended a Nickelodeon panel for The Penguins of Madagascar because one of my favorite voice actors of ALL TIME would be there, Jeff Bennett. The cast did an episode read out loud which is always great to see for someone who appreciates voice acting like I do. My inner child burst into happy sparkles at the chance of witnessing Mr. Bennett do his voice acting magic.

sdcc2009 / penguins of madagascar

After the panel, I quickly went up to the table to say a few words to Mr. Bennett; but when my turn came, I promptly bursts into tears.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… flirting with celebs is easy as pie for me, but when it comes to the people who worked on my favorite cartoons growing up, I turn into a giant, weeping mess! It was quite embarrassing and I’m pretty sure Mr. Bennett was really turned off by it… oh well, it’s not the first time I’ve done this. I cried at the POSSIBILITY of meeting Tom Ruegger (creator of Animaniacs… and it never happened- which could be a good thing since I can’t seem to keep my composure around these people!). I didn’t quite cry as hard when I met Rob Paulsen, but just got extremely teary eyed.

Jeff Bennett was truly a favorite of mine growing up though, and I followed his work for many, many years. I admired him and even had a little voice “crush”! I wished I had conveyed to him what meeting him really meant to me, how for many years my cousin and I didn’t speak of anything else but hoping to meet the man behind our favorite voices on television! Instead, I just managed to make him feel really uncomfortable. I totally suck!

sdcc2009 / penguins of madagascar

Needless to say, I was emotionally charged and weepy for the rest of the day after that. I know… I’m a big loser. Ha!

Although, I have to mention that the people of Nickelodeon were so sweet to me. Especially one guy who was very, very nice to me at the end of the panel and gave me some goodies to try and console my crying. Whoever you are, I’m sorry I didn’t get your name but I am so grateful! Thank you!

sdcc2009 sdcc2009 / penguins of madagascar

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