Tweet, tweet, TWIT!

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Tweeter.

Here’s a link to my account: Come and follow me on Twitter!

I didn’t think I would really get into the fad, but not only did I win a FREE printer from Epson on my first week Twitting (I AM A WINNAH!)– I’ve been delving in my geekdom and following people like Felicia Day, Neil Gaiman, Greg Grunberg, Nathan Fillion, and…William Shatner! Although it’s a little crazy and weird to keep up to date with some of the cooler celebrities out there on a daily basis…!

Seriously though, it’s been fun on there. Please let me know if you start following me!

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Written by Space Pirate Queen
The Space Pirate Queen loves Supernatural, The X-Files and anything that involves the weird.