A break

I’m on my lunch break at work currently and I figured I’d spend time updating this often neglected and badly written blog. Ironic that the my fellow bloggers are the better at writing than me… but they are so silent here… ha!

This Friday, I am going to see GLAY for the 2nd time at the House of Blues on Sunset! At my younger years, while my peers were listening to N’Sync, I was throwing my fangirl energy towards this Japanese band. I can say that my love for this band directed me to many of my interest these days- namely a great interest in Japanese fashion. I did, at one point, wanted to become just like the band’s guitarist, Hisashi!

These days, I hardly follow the band’s new projects but I still feel a strong connection with the songs and music videos I “grew up” with.

They already played their first concert in San Francisco and a fan kindly wrote up their set list. I am SO excited that they will be playing ‘SURVIVAL’, in particular. They didn’t play this at the last concert and I was slightly disappointed. Now, I will finally get to enjoy this song LIVE and I could not be more happy!!!

Otherwise, I am busy getting Halloween costumes done for myself and two other people. Also, I’m trying to figure out the best way to embed twitter on this blog’s side bar! I might be due for another website redesign…! I need to find time to learn CSS coding. I feel like I’ve reached the limit of what can be done with HTML some times.

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