Missing out on Movies

I confess… I miss out on a lot of the “geek” movies. I haven’t gone to see District 9, 9, Ponyo, etc.

There are several reasons: laziness, lack of time, I’m somewhat of a cheap-o (though that’s not REALLY an excuse since I actually have some free movie tickets lying around… ha!).

I’m bestfriends with my Netflix.

I just happen to like having the option of pausing the movie when I feel like getting up to go to the bathroom or the concession stand. Spending two hours or more inside a dark movie theater, fixated on a big screen has become such a luxury for me.

Though there ARE movies I would want to experience inside a theater, rather than in the dinkiness of my laptop.

Though most movies that are released these days, I feel like I am patient enough to wait for them on Netflix.

What about you guys? Movie Theater vs. DVD… thoughts??

Here’s something quick and good for a big laugh: Superhero Status on Facebook.

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