Happy Holidays!

This Friday, I am taking off to spend the holidays in the Philippines with my relatives who I grew up with, but rarely see in my adult life. It should be an interesting “vacation”– so to speak. I hope we can avoid the family drama ;] Soon, my cousins and I will be reunited again…

All of my first cousins.
Photo circa 2003!… and no we were not in Hawaii. Just a Hawaiin themed party

Regardless, this will probably be the last update of the year for Defective Geeks. We have survived yet another year since Nancy and I decided to nab this domain name. An ongoing pet project without much direction, but it’s a nice outlet to have and to talk to an imaginary audience who supposedly share the same interest. Interests like… the light saber chopsticks from Japan!

Hey, kids, ask your parents to put that one in your nerdy Lord of the Rings themed Christmas socks or whatever it is you celebrate that ensures you tons of gifts before the end of the year! I know I wished I could own one…

There are many things in my life I wished could be improved before the year ended, but mistakes and misfortunes are a part of life, unfortunately. Also, not all of us can be rich or as beautiful as the people we see on television… but all of us are just aiming to find happiness in our own little corner of life. I hope most of you will find happiness in this holiday season and for the rest of your lives!

… at least until the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAPPENS! The government is funding zombie pigs research. We’re doomed people. I’ve seen the movies. Those pigs are going to attack some stupid scientist, or some animal rights activist, and then there’ll be an outbreak. We. Are. DOOMED!!!

Otherwise…. happy holidays and a happy new year, everyone! Wish me luck on my adventure overseas!

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