Date Archives February 16, 2010

Switch over a success!

I’ve finally buckled down and forced myself to learn how to integrate and customize this blog through wordpress… and so far, it has been a worth it transition despite the few headaches and bumps I encountered these past couple of nights. Now, I don’t have to rely on blogger and everything is comfortably nestled here on the homebase!

Not only that, but everyone should welcome a new addition to our bloggers here– Valerie, aka Fortune Cookie! I hope she’ll write about something soon…!!! This place could use some fresh content that’s not from ME all the time!

Thanks to all our phantom readers out there, even if you don’t exist. Watch out for exciting things happening around here (ooh! ahh!)

Breaking News! BubblePunch! Amano! Cosplay!

My favorite people at Bubble Punch are going to be hosting a cosplay contest at the opening night of Yoshitaka Amano’s show, ‘Deva Loka’, at LeBasse Projects. I’m pretty sure most of you anime and Final Fantasy geeks would know who he is. If you don’t know who he is… google is your friend.

Seriously though, his art is pretty phenomenal.

For the cosplayers, you guys better check out the contest and prize details! BRING ON THE FLOWING FABRIC AND BEADS!!!