My Squish List

I’ve had a few conversations with friends where a celebrity’s name crops up and the friend would say “Oh he/she’s totally on my list.” It seems many people have lists in their heads of people, usually celebrities, that they’d like to sleep with.

Being a bit of a prude, I’ve never had anything like that in my head. Instead, I have a list of people I’d like to hug or “squish”. And not in a creepy way. They’re just celebrities I’m a fan of and they seem like genuinely nice people. The hug would mostly be to just thank them for making films that I love and that make me happy. So, here’s my squish list:

1. Colin Firth

Incredibly, it’s not because he’s played Mr Darcy more than anyone else on the planet. It’s because he has the sweetest, shy smile and he seems like such a nice man.

2. Paul Bettany

I honestly don’t know why, I just like him. I think it was Knight’s Tale, when he was Chaucer, and I loved the coat he wore. I’m such a push-over for great looking coats.

3. Brendan Fraser

It’s because he is Rick in the Mummy. He was Indiana Jones and Han Solo rolled up into one. Who wouldn’t want to hug that?

4. Jason Isaacs

He seems to always play bad guys, but it was when he was Mr Darling in Peter Pan that I just wanted to hug him. He looked like a kicked puppy.


5. Mr Bingley

Not any actor who played him, just the character. He’s so happy and nice, and he puts up with all the shit Darcy does. I just want to hug him.

6. Hugo Weaving

He’s also on the list of people that I could listen to forever. I love his voice. I wasn’t that taken with him in The Matrix or LOTR, it was V for Vendetta that did it. He just acted the hell out of that character and he didn’t even have a face to move! How amazing is that? Hugs all around for him.

7. Sam Neill

I cried when *spoiler* he dies at the end of Hunt for Red October. CRIED. I wanted to hug him and let him live in Montana with a pick up truck. Damn Commies killing Sam Neill!

8. Tim Curry

Who WOULDN’T want to hug Tim Curry? Everything he does becomes awesome because he’s in it. That, and he did the audio books for The Abhorsen Trilogy, my absolutely favourite fantasy trilogy. So, he goes on the people I could listen to forever list, too.

9. Colleen Atwood

This woman does THE most amazing costume designs. I will actually put on films she’s made just to look at the costumes. Just looking at them makes me happy.

10. William Powell

He’s not around any more, but he gets a mental hug. He is everything that is great about black and white films. Watch My Man Godfrey and The Thin Man. He’s line delivery is amazing and he just seems lovely.

And how many men do you know that can get away with that mustache? Hmm?

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