FFXIII & Goddammit, Amazon

The new Final Fantasy game dropped today– Final Fantasy XIII, and about 90% of my friends have already bought it and have started playing it, I’m pretty sure. I actually played a demo while I was in Hong Kong during December (where they are releasing a special FFXIII Playstation 3 to go along with it!) and it was pretty, damn cool.

To be honest, I’m the worst gamer that I know and I love starting RPGs… but my attention span never lets me finish a game. Ever. Plus, I suck, sooooooo………….

I don’t really mind investing in cool games though, because whether I finish it or not, I still have fun and that is what’s important to me when it comes to video games.

I will probably end up buying this game

On a side rant, so I pre-ordered Avatar: The Last Airbender artbook on Amazon.com, along with the fourth season DVD set of Supernatural in order to get their Free Shipping option, right? Today, they canceled  my artbook order because they sold out… and they charged me shipping on the DVD that went along with it! What is that crap? Shouldn’t it be customer courtesy to just give me the free shipping anyways, since now I am not getting the artbook? I call bullshit!

You disappoint me, Amazon.com…. disappoint me.

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