30 Days of Tim Drake

I’ve decided to challenge myself .

A somewhat lighthearted challenge so I won’t scare myself and get lazy (which happens a lot, unfortunately). Yesterday, while driving home from a particularly busy day at work, my thoughts revolved around cherry blossom trees and Tim Drake (he’s my 2D, comic book infatuation… don’t ask). Eventually, the two married each other and I started to think about Tim Drake frolicking in a little boy’s yukata among sakura trees. Eventually, I ended up sketching this out when I got home.

Tim Drake, Cherry Blossoms by ~diavana on deviantART

I’ve decided that I will do 30 fanart of young Tim Drake and post it on my deviant art as a challenge to myself! At first, it was going to be 30 days straight of one fanart a day, but I didn’t think that was realistic given my schedule. This whole thing is somewhat inspired from this article, 30 Days to Success.

I will post some of the better fanart once in awhile on this blog, too, but feel free to watch me on deviantart to see if I am successful! Maybe after this, I will choose a different theme to make another 30 art pieces with.

Wish me luck.

… by the way, Tim Drake is the third Robin in the Batman series for those who for whatever reason did not know.

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