Now in the knitting news

Enough crochet! I’ve been practising my knitting skills too. I’ve finding knitting much harder to commit to, for some reason. I think because crochet is so much faster at showing results and has fewer crazy things to remember. However, I’m determined to learn both, so here are my early stabs at knitting things.

First up, I wanted to practice my purl and knit stitch. So, since I’d lost my DS case recently it seemed like a good opportunity to make something useful. I essentially just made a big rectangle of 2 knit, 2 purl stitches and then folded it in half and sewed up the sides.


You can see the ribbing better in this one, it stretches out a lot!


Then, I wanted to go crazy and try something with two colours. But I wanted to keep it small. So I found a pattern in:

for little wrist bands that had a star or said GEEK. The star looked easier, so I went with that.


Again, it’s really just a rectangle that gets folded in half and sewn up the side. I’m not sure I did the star correctly, based on what the pattern wanted (it’s a method called intarsia and none of my books REALLY give great pictures about how it should be done, so I winged it.) Here’s the star from the back:


I sadly won’t be sporting it any time soon because I didn’t really pay attention to the size and it won’t fit over my hand. However! That’s what nieces are for, so I’ll be shipping this off to my niece hoping she likes purple as much as I do.

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