Fans Do Not Accept Permanent Blackout

I love the Flashforward television series and I was disappointed when it got canned. The “series finale” episode was a terrible cliffhanger to top it all of! Despite all that, I thought, “well, a lot of good shoes get cancelled these days, what can I do about it?”

Turned out, not all of the fans are as much of a passive viewer as I am. Yesterday, Flashfoward star, John Cho’s twitter lead me to this link to a Variety article… which lead me to this website.

Fans at different cities are actively finding creative ways to save the show… this is not a simple online petition, you guys! They don’t just encourage you to send a letter to ABC, but you can participate in a “global” blackout with other people. On June 10th, fans are going to gather infront of a ABC network building and “blackout” for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, replicating the television series. It is a flash mob at its finest, if you ask me.

This idea got me so incredibly excited. It is so simple and brilliant!

For those who do not have a blackout event at their cities, they are encouraged to film their own flashforward that will be gathered in a website mosaic, very much like what the characters created in the tv show.

I am always so amazed by passionate fans– and lets face it, only the geeks will go this far in protesting a cancellation of a beloved show. I am hoping the movement will be heard and that the network will reconsider. It would be nice to get past that crazy cliffhanger and find out what happens!

Save Flashforward Website

Save Flashforward Facebook Page

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