Just finished another Creepy Cute Crochet monster:


This was a bit trickier because of the hair. The instructions in the book were..sparse. But, she did a detailed tutorial on her website: NeedleNoodles

That tutorial really helped. I’ve got various states of the project loaded up on Ravelry. I absolutely love this website. It’s so easy to use, I can see how all my projects turned out, make notes, look at other people’s projects, it’s great.

I also started making a sock (note I didn’t say sockS. I’m just trying one to see how it goes). It’s so HARD! I don’t know how any one thought this up in the first place. I’ve had to frog (new term I picked up on Ravelry. Means to rip out thread i.e. rip it, rip it, thus frog…)
twice already.


That attempt was going well until I managed to go from three needles to two, which is wrong. Not sure what I did, but I’ll give it another go later.

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