Hardrock Calling

Haven’t made a post not related to crafts recently!

Friday (June 25th) I went with my boyfriend to Hardrock Calling in Hyde Park, London. There were a lot of gigs on, but the head-liner was Pearl Jam.

We had gone last year to see Bruce Springsteen, and it was awesome. I’m not as big a fan of Pearl Jam, but I was totally up for going.


You basically get there around 12 noon or so, and hang out in the park the whole day while bands play some sets.


Pretty impressive set list. My favourite, by far, was Gaslight Anthem. We saw them last year and they are just great. They sound great, in album and live, which I find is really important. If you haven’t heard them, pick up their album The ’59 Sound. If you like the Boss, you’ll probably like them.

Anyway, I spent most of the day crocheting! Yeah…I’m addicted. If I go again next year I will be taking:
Hayfever medicine
Hand wipes
Hand sanitizer
I did at least remember to take a blanket to sit on, a water bottle, sun screen, and a hat. So, at least I didn’t burn.

Then, Pearl Jam came on.


They were…ok. There were some serious sound issues to start with. Well, serious to me, not the general public, I think. It was like someone kept turning the bass and high knobs and fading in and out which speakers were doing what. SO ANNOYING. The band themselves were fine. Some of the singing was a bit muffled, but again, that may be down to the bad sound tech. They went on for hours, and went strong. I was really impressed. So many people there!


That’s a screen of the camera looking out at the crowd. Crazy! I could never go to a bigger event like Glastonbury, I’d just die. I don’t really do crowds.

On a nerdy lighting girl note, I loved what they did with the molefays:


(The bright square lights in arcs over the stage) They looked cool no matter what angle you were standing at. They did swirls and cool squiggly things (can’t think of a more technical term).

Overall, a good time was had!

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