Are you sick of it yet?

Another crochet post! I’m sorry, I’m addicted!


I made an elephant. I had a night in all to myself and though “Eh, I’ll just see what’s on TV.” I had a choice between Con Air and Keira Knightly’s Pride and Prejudice. You know what I picked? Con Air. Because a story that makes no sense is better than a good story butchered.

I don’t particularly like Con Air. It’s got a cool cast, but seriously why don’t they blow the fucking plane out of the sky? WHY? Because John Cusack says not to? Seriously, who would listen to that guy?

I really loathe that version of Pride and Prejudice because it feels like watching a Cliff’s Notes with really, really badly read lines. They sound like they don’t understand what they’re saying! Just saying words and hoping it sounds emotive.

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