Big BADA Boom


Another project done! Probably won’t finish any more crochet for awhile, though. I’m going to try to learn to knit socks! I tried a little while ago (I posted about it). That didn’t go very well, so I bought some books to try and work out what was going wrong. There are SO many books on how to knit socks and SO many ways of doing it.

I decided to start with these two and see how I got on:



I’m going to start the traditional method which is from ankle to toe, using double pointed needles (DPN). The other book teaches you to do it from toe to ankle using 2 circular needles. There’s even books that teach you to do two socks at once! I’m pacing myself…

I’m going to try a trick my friend learned, which was to knit a few rows on a normal set of needles, then move to the usual 3 double pointed needles. You can sew up the unconnected rows after the sock is done. I shall post as I make progress!

P.S. made the BobOmb while watching Silverado. GOD I wish Kevin Costner had gotten typecast from this film. I love him in this, everything afterwards is down hill.

I seriously love Silverado. It’s pretty much the ultimate western for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Clint Eastwood films, I adore Maverick, Brisco County rocks my socks, but if I want epic, it’s Silverado every time.

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