SDCC 2010 / Jim Beaver

SDCC 2010 / Jim Beaver!

I confess. I am a big Supernatural fangirl these days.

My friend tipped me off to a signing that Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer in the show, on Saturday night at the convention at 6pm.

Around 5:00pm, I wandered over to the Shout! booth to scout out the situation. You know! Just in case a million Supernatural fans were already lining up. Surprisingly, no one was there and I chatted with the lady at the booth, asking about the autograph session. At that point, my friend, Cassie (whom I haven’t seen in YEARS!) sneaks up from behind me and we had a great reunion.

Since no one was lined up, we wandered off for a bit and came back to the booth promptly a little past 5:30pm. Still no line so we hung out and talked. We caught up a bit but mostly talked about Supernatural, of course. She checked Jim’s twitter for his status and we saw that he was stuck in traffic and he had a stomachache.

At 6pm, he finally arrives! He looked a bit tired from his long train ride to San Diego, but still eagerly sat down to meet his fans. Cass and I were first in line and more people had already lined up behind us. He signed copies of the Dark and Stormy Night DVDs and gladly took photos with us.

I wished I had prepared myself to have had more of a conversation with him instead of just shyly asking for a photo and thanking him for the autograph. I was so excited to meet my first SPN cast member in person that I reverted to the quiet version of me! I love the show so much! You guys need to understand that my last passionate relationship with a television show was with The X-Files.

Still, it is awesome to walk away with a photo and having met the Bobby Singer in person!

SDCC 2010 / Jim Beaver!

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