London Adventure

Friday, I took a day off work and went on an adventure in London with my friend Laura.

We had booked a tour at Angels Costumier. Angels does costumes for pretty much every major film. They hire out costumes, they make costumes, wigs, shoes, you name it they probably do it. Our tour didn’t start till 2.30pm so we decided to stop by Camden Market, since it was on the way to Angels.

Camden turned out to be amazing. We were nearly late for the tour because we got so distracted wandering around the markets! There’s so much interesting stuff. Jewellery, art, leather works, clothing stores.


We had lunch at The Diner, which is kind of like Ruby’s. I had a California Burger (Represent!). It was really greasy and tasty, like American burgers should be.


We worked our way through one market, then left for the tour, saying we’d come back afterward and see the other markets (good thing we did, too. There were so many more awesome shops to see!).

We got to Angels just on time. The tour was given by Mark, who was great. Such a cool guy. First we went into the workshop. There’s a “women’s workshop” and a “men’s workshop” which refers to the type of clothes made in there, not the sex of the people working in there. But what actually happens is soft work is done in the “women’s” and thicker, stiffer material is done in the “men’s”. So, suits, uniforms, stuff like that.


Then we wandered upstairs, got a glimpse of their offices and headed into the warehouse. We started off in uniforms. They have a TON of uniforms. They said they actually had so many Nazi uniforms from Indiana Jones they’d started selling them off because it’s unlikely anyone will ever need that many again, thanks to CGI.


Then we got to see the warehouse proper which is HUGE. Check out their site for the figures, but we’re talking actual millions of items of clothing. They also have a storehouse for their Fancy Dress shop, which is the other half of their business.


We wandered around the warehouse for quite awhile, seeing rack after rack of different periods of clothing. We even got a brief glimpse of some of the films they were prepping for.


Need I say more?

We went into the armour room, where they have armour from pretty much any era you could hope for.


Then we finished off in the Jewellery Room, which was pretty cool, but I would have preferred to see more of the workshops! Like the Wig Shop. I’m just not a big jewellery person.


I think what surprised me the most was the amount of hand sewing they were doing in the workshop. I expected to see a lot more sewing machines and the like.

Part 2 for the rest of the trip coming soon!

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