London Adventure pt 2

So, we finished our tour, which is totally worth the £20, by the way, and headed back to Camden!

Each shop front on the main street has unique fronts, some were really cool:

We wandered down by some markets by the river.

It was a great market. I got two t-shirts there. One of a penguin dressed as superman, wishing he could fly, and another of a rhino on a treadmill looking at a picture of a unicorn. So funny!

Weird thing we noticed, though, is pocket watches are BIG fashion right now. Every where seemed to have them. Very odd. I guess Steampunk is going mainstream.

Anyway, just as we were about to leave, we stumbled across this other market:


There were bronze horse statues EVERYWHERE. It used to be a stable, so it does make sense, but some of them were huge:


I’m so glad we did stumble across it, because it was a great market. So many different shops! Each unique:



After that, we were worn out. We headed back to the tube, had a bite to eat and went home!

I absolutely love Camden. I can’t wait to go back, I could spend a whole day just wandering those markets.

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