Holy hobby update, Batman!

I’ve been going hobby crazy the past couple of weeks. Crochet has been going well, and I’m quite fast at it now. So, I set myself the goal of improving my knitting, as it seems a shame not to be equally good at either.

So, I started a washcloth which uses the seed stitch and two cables. Crazy times! My first attempt at cable went quite badly, I think I tried to do too many stitches on the cross over. But, after ripping that out and trying again, it went much better!


I also got a new knitting book of toys, because I thought it would get me more interested in knitting, since that seems to be what I like about crochet, small projects:

Such a fun book! I totally recommend it. I haven’t completed any of the patterns yet, but if the instructions are any indication of the writing, it’ll be a breeze. This led to be trying out my circular needles for the first time and they’re not as scary as I thought! In fact, I LOVE them. They’re so much easier than double pointed needles for making tubes.


Finally, sewing! I’ve been doing a bit of sewing when I find time. But, the big project these past weeks was a dress form. I got instructions from here. And here’s the end result!


I’ve been stuffing it with newspaper. I’m going to find some spandex or something to cover it, since the duct tape is quite sticky. It’s standing on a lighting tripod, because they go quite tall and was relatively cheap. When it’s completely done I’ll do a step by step of what we did, as some of the photos are quite hilarious!

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