Canada and Future Contest

I broke open my Canadian piggy bank and I have $11.40 in Canadian dollars! Whoo hoo! I am ready for my Vancouver trip!… What? Don’t we all have a Canadian piggy bank?

This Thursday, I’ll be taking a trip to Vancouver, Canada to hang out with some of my best friends. We’ll be sightseeing– and yes; we’ll be attending the Supernatural convention this weekend. I love having friends who are as dorky as I am. Yes, there will be photos and reports when I get back from my trip.

Most importantly, we will be having our first-ever Defective Geeks contest! The prizes will be revealed when I get back and it will be a simple enter-to-win for all. Stay tuned, and see you next week with all sorts of goodies!

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Written by Space Pirate Queen
The Space Pirate Queen loves Supernatural, The X-Files and anything that involves the weird.