Supernatural Vancouver Con

Supernatural VanCon 2010

“Will Travel For Geek”

That is probably the motto for this blog post you are about to read. If you are not aware, fellow Defectivegeeks blogger, Gizle, and I are both crazy about the television series, Supernatural. Which gave us the proper excuse to drop some money and fly out to Vancouver, Canada for the Salute to Supernatural convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment. Yes- our geek gave us an excuse to go on a vacation trip. We’re kind of awesome like that.

We went with our other friend, Christy, and reunited with a long time friend, Adri (who I saw last when I was living in Japan, mind you! She was also an excuse to go on this trip). Although the convention was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we only dropped by the hotel on Friday to pick up our wristbands. At least, Gizle and I got our weekend pass wrist bands, and Christy and Adri couldn’t pick up their individual day bands.

We were definitely looking forward to geeking out together. I mean, how can you take it seriously? We traveled all the way to Canada just for a Supernatural convention, for goodness sakes. We had to have a little fun with it… and we really did! We walked away with the best souvenirs (our mad amazing photo ops,) and a lot of memories to laugh about. More details after the jump below this preview photo.


We rolled out of bed fairly early on a Saturday to get to the convention by around 10am-ish. I don’t even remember what time we got there anymore because mornings puts me in a daze! Adri stayed at the convention to sit in the early guests’ panels while Gizle, Christy and I explored downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown. We got back to the hotel in time for Misha Collin’s photo ops.

Christ and I wore Pikachu kigurumis. Why? Because we enjoyed looking silly and we thought Misha would appreciate it. My day was made when Misha spotted us in the photo line and mouted silently at us: What. The. FUCK?

Christ and I with Misha Collins. PIKA!

Misha took a few seconds and made us turn around in half-circles for him. When he spotted the tails on the kigurumis, he pretty much decided to hold them for our photo. I love the fact that his face is dead-pan serious. In most photo ops, he was smiling and hugging fans, but his expression in ours is so perfect! We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the final photograph. He commented that we looked warm in the kigurumis and gave us hugs before we left.

Oh and yes, his jacket was inside out in everyone’s photos. No one realized he was wearing it wrong until he noticed it himself when he was on stage for his live audience panel. Amazing.

He started his panel by bringing out the “VIP” platter of cheese from backstage and fed people with it. He also decided to auction of his used and autographed band-aid to help an attendee who got sick get back home. I started the bid at $1. I didn’t really want to take a used band-aid but no one was speaking up to start the bid. After my bid, things got serious and someone bought it home for $75! Never underestimate what fandom would pay for, I guess. Misha’s panel was definitely the best one all weekend.

Christy and I stood in line together to ask Misha a question (Adri made us) and when Christy walked up to the microphone, Misha commented: “Finally, someone here puts some effort into their looks.” Despite the fact that Christy asked him about the charity he was working with, he managed to make his answer part-sarcasm. I laughed the whole hour he was on stage.


I dreaded this morning for many reasons: 1) We had to get up BUTT-early to make it to the Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki photo ops. 2) I was going to get up close and personal with Jensen Ackles. I am a complete fangirl. Not in the “I’m cray cray and think I will marry Jensen Ackles one day and have his many babies”– but in the “The man intimidates me for no real reason” kind of way.

Adri and I shared the Jensen photo op together and we had to come up with our “silly” pose while we stood in line. It was way too early to think and be creative, but we decided to do bodybuilding poses. I made Adri ask him to do the pose with us, mainly because I couldn’t look at Jensen in the face.

Jensen, Adri and I! Adri's face is covered because she wants to be censored, FYI!

I love how our photo turned out. The pose idea was simple and somewhat boring, but Jensen made it wonderful. After the photographer snapped our photo, Jensen leaned in, placed his hands on our backs and welcomed a hug. Did I hug him so tight he popped? Nope. I ran away from him because I turned into a shy, frightened little Asian girl. I know, it’s kind of sad… please don’t judge me too harshly on it. Ha!

Afterwards, the rest of the group took their turns with their photo-ops and then it was off to the Jensen and Jared panel. I could tell the guys were already convention veterans with the way they answered and handled all the questions people threw at them. They even turned awkward questions to something more entertaining for the audience. Despite everything, they seemed happy to be there and entertain the crowd of crazy fans.

We stayed for the last panel with the art director who showcased a slideshow of backstage photos of set designs. Plus, very attractive photos of Jensen during his first time directing an episode!

Supernatural VanCon 2010


I had my reservations about the conventions, mostly because it was hosted by Creation Entertainment. The last CreationEnt convention I went to was for Lord of the Rings and I had a pretty negative experience with them. This year, we ran into more helpful staff members and they hired a great photographer for the photo op! Someone who would actually check and redo your photos if they are blurry! We got to spend a little bit of time with him, and I’m sure he thought we were quite silly. We were just too excited and clapping constantly when he was showing us previews of our photos on his laptop.

The convention was a lot of fun… and I can pretty much say that I am excited to go to the Los Angeles convention next February. Gizle and I already invested in our “J2 sandwich” photo. Maybe I will be brave enough to give Jensen a hug by next year. I will let you all know, either way.

View the slideshow of my photos below or click here to go to my flickr gallery!

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