Our Ninja Contest!

My partner in blog crime, Pilbeam, and I collaborated for this contest to bring you some handmade prizes! Behold. The prizes.

1) Cute ninja crochet.
2) Ninja necklace.
3) An art commission- your very own personalized ninja portraiture.

If you win, you can commission me to draw you a ninja character- the ninja can look like you, someone else you know, or anything you like! I will ask you to send me a description and a photo reference if you have it. You can see a sample below of what you’ll get.

There are two ways to enter, and you can do BOTH! There are no limits on how many ways and how many times you can enter.

1) Leave a comment at this post with your name and your e-mail, plus whatever random comment your heart desires. Anything. Tell us how geeky you are, it doesn’t matter. One comment counts as one entry.

2) Twitter! Just post this on your twitter: I want to win the Ninja Giveaway Contest from @defectivegeeks- http://bit.ly/91zYbn RT and try to out-ninja me!

Everytime you RT the above on your twitter, it will count as a single entry. You can enter as much as you can, no limits! No need to follow the twitter, by the way.

CONTEST ENDS: Sunday, October 3 at midnight PST. One winner will be announced on October 7.

Click to see more photos!

Ninja crochet!
Ninja necklace
Sample of ninja art commission.
I'm totally modeling this necklace for you!

Good luck! :)

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