I haven’t posted much new knitting or crochet in awhile! Apologies, it’s been a bit slow of late. Mostly because my knitting is so slow and I’m working on a hat…which is kind of boring to post about. The tube just keeps getting bigger.


However, I have discovered the cutest Star Wars patterns, so I thought I’d share them (in case any one wanted Christmas gift ideas).

Esty shop link to cute star wars patterns.

How damn cute are they? Perfect stocking stuffers! Too bad I don’t have six hands, I don’t think I have time to make them all before Christmas.

I also made some useful things lately. A headphone whale:
It holds my headphone wires so they don’t get tangled in my bag. I might remake it with some modifications…

And a gym ipod pouch:

I made that in an afternoon! I was quite proud, as I didn’t have a pattern or anything. My old pouch died, so I needed a quick replacement. I used leftover yarn from the Jiji doorstop I made.

And final one, I made a turtle for my friends birthday:


Great little pattern, really easy, especially if you’re just starting out crochet! Tiny Striped Turtle
(you’ll have to search for Tiny Striped Turtle on the page.

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Written by Pilbeam