elecTRONica, a first look

elecTRONica, California Adventures

California Adventures new attraction is elecTRONica, a night of dancing, drinking, and cool light shows dedicated to the new movie. The first show starts at 6:00pm on the main stage and the emcee teaches the audience a dance routine to a Daft Punk song. The show repeats within the hour until 7:00pm when all of the Hollywood backlot transforms into elecTRONica.

elecTRONica, California Adventures

Two bars serve TRON themed alcoholic drinks- for the adults only, of course! There are ‘programs’ who mingle among the people (or shall I say, the ‘creators’?) and… dance non-stop! In the middle is a DJ mixing up the tunes. I stayed long enough to watch the Laser Man show, which was pretty cool. I know laser light shows are so totally late 90s, but in the spirit of things- it was fun to watch again.

In the same area, they’ve set up Flynn’s arcade with a collection of real old-school machines. A great way to introduce these almost forgotten video games to a new generation, while the rest of us can play out of nostalgia. We also got to test the TRON racing game on the Wii outside of Flynn’s.

Now, I kind of want a TRON outfit for myself.

The whole concept of the event is really a lot of fun and I recommend it. Especially to those who love to dance, but don’t want to be in the midst of a club scene. Disney keeps it clean for all ages, after all.

Just watch the video we put together and see what you’re missing out on!

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