Halloween & Comic Books

It was Halloween Day! Where did we end up? At the Long Beach Comic Con, of course! My boyfriend and I got out of bed and into our costumes- he wore his Fei Long as Kato costume while I wore my Pikachu kigurumi. It only took us a few minutes to get to the convention since I lived closed by, and picked up my professional badges without any trouble. I have to say, the people running LBCC are the nicest. I’ve said it before, but I really do want to support the growth of this convention and I hope to help entice more and more attendees each year.

This year is their second, and despite the small size, the convention has a lot to offer already. They have great guests and an amazing artist alley. Seriously, so many talented artists are at this con, it’s exciting! I got to take a photo of Steve Yuen and Adrian Kali Turner, who are actors from new AMC series, The Walking Dead, based on the graphic novel. Other notable guests included Stan Lee (of course!), Jeph Loeb, and Amanda Conner. My favorite “guest” was most definitely the DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future.

There were a lot of people in costumes, encouraged by the spirit of Halloween to dress up! Most tables and booths had a bucket of candy ready to generously hand out to kids and adults alike. There are enough exhibitors to offer a variety of merchandise for shoppers with great discounts and deals on books, toys, etc. Overall, it was a peaceful and fun comic book convention- a must for the true comic book lovers.

I am definitely happy to have this convention in my city. Again, I wish them the best of luck… and I’ll be there again next year!

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Check out our slideshow of photos below, or go directly to our flickr album HERE to check them out!

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