Sanrio, the 50th Anniversary

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary

Fellow Defectivegeekers, Forture Cookie, and I were lucky enough to attend a magical night at the Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary VIP party before the event was opened to the public. All thanks to the invite from the ladies of Bubble Punch! The night started out a little awkward because the parking was confusing, but once I got there, found some friends standing in line, got handed our food and gift bag tickets… we turned into wide-eyed children.

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary

Giant balloons in the air of different Sanrio characters, a Sanrio ferris wheel, Sanrio themed miniature golf… tons of food booths and food trucks! Fortune Cookie and I spent our food ticket on sushi from the Yatta Truck. There were free Pink’s hot dog, Beard’s Papa cream puffs, and Yogurtland– yes, I totally stuffed my face silly with the cream puffs, that’s for sure!

JapanLA’s founder curated yet another successful art show to accompany the festival. Artists such as Tokodoki founder Simone Legno to Audrey Kawasaki contributed to the show and the paintings ranged from adorable to visuals with a little bit more of an edge than Hello Kitty is used to! For example, the Hello Kitty fight club installation created by Peekaboo Monster.

The festival was truly a Sanrio wonderland! For girls who was a fan of these characters growing up, it was a great experience to have them integrated into my more “grown-up” taste. If you are in the Los Angeles area, it is worth checking out if you love all things Hello Kitty, or if you’re a family with children, it is a good place for them to have some fun for a day. Don’t worry, parents, the food stalls, music, and beer will keep you entertained as well. It’s also a good place to take your special someone on a date!

Trust me when I say that when you walk into Barker’s hangar, you will immediately smile.

I wanted to cry when the party night ended and we had to go home. It was truly amazing.

This anniversary event, Small Gift, will be in LA until November 21, 2010. Check out the Sanrio website for a schedule of everything that is happening for the next two weeks. Go to Bubble Punch’s blog for details on the themed parties- the next one will be 80s prom night!

Here is a video I took when Fortune Cookie and I rode the Sanrio ferris wheel.

Check out our slideshow of photos below, or go directly to our flickr gallery!

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