Holiday Geek Gift Idea #2

Want to take your nerdy significant other to a romantic night out in Los Angeles? Well, good sirs, why not take them to the Smodcastle! Yes, boys and girls, L.A.’s very own castle where the king of cult movies full of dirty jokes, Kevin Smith, some times resides with his friends to do what he does best when in front of an audience… talk and make you laugh your ass off. If you’ve been around the comic convention circles for awhile, chances are, you’ve witnessed Smith on stage entertain a nerd core crowd. I personally have seen him at Wizard World LA and at San Diego Comic Con’s infamous Hall H.

SModcast is the name of the original podcast between Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. I’ve been a long time listener and was excited when Smith announced the opening of his Smodcastle, where they will record a podcast each night of the week in front of a live audience. These podcasts are so amazing. For nerdier topics, I would suggest listening to Hollywood Babble-On, co-starring Ralph Garman (most L.A. residents will know him as one of the funny DJs on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show). Ralph and Kevin discusses movies, Hollywood news, and a lot of times, it centers around comic book related films since both men are fans.

It was just the other night that Smith was on stage with celebrated author, Neil Gaiman and performer, Amanda Palmer! The show was sold out instantly. Go ahead, and check out the schedule of shows at Buy tickets and give your friends the give of dirty jokes and laughter. Plan a nice dinner with whoever it is you’re going to take with you. Go to the show and laugh your butt off, leave the Castle feeling good about yourselves! It’s a guaranteed good (and somewhat geeky) time. I plan to go to one of the shows in the future, myself, so maybe we’ll see each other there!

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