TRON: Legacy. Full Sensory Bliss.

I realize the movie has been out for over a month, so writing a review now is probably pointless. You know what, though? I’m doing it anyway because I totally dig this flick and need an excuse to gush.

The movie was everything it needed to be. It isn’t Schindler’s List or anything, but it’s the perfect addition to the original. The trailer for TRON: Legacy showed us many intriguing things. A son, Sam Flynn, looking for his lost father, a mysterious page from a dead arcade, the evolved world of The Grid, and the return of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. The movie lived up to the trailer’s promises. The world of The Grid was a work of special effects genius and the updated costumes perfectly matched the atmosphere of that world. The fighting and light-cycle sequences were, for lack of a better term, totally badass. Those sequences paired with the beautifully constructed world of The Grid created an experience of complete visual delight.

Jeff Bridges returning as Kevin Flynn and Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley was a treat because it connected the sequel to the original. It reminds us how much time has gone by since the first movie and to be quite honest, as a fan of the original, it was just really cool to see those characters come back. Olivia Wilde was lovable as Quorra (Dawn and I couldn’t shut up about how we thought she was adorable, yet simultaneously awesome, as all hell), Garrett Hedlund was great as Sam Flynn, and Jeff Bridges was, well, he’s Jeff Bridges. He’s just inherently cool. Out of all of these performances, though, I have to give special recognition to Michael Sheen who played an eccentric Ziggy Stardust-esque program named Castor. He was in the movie for 10, maybe 15 minutes at the most, but he stole every single scene he was in.

More than the acting, the fight sequences, and special effects, I have to say the real star of the movie is its soundtrack. Daft Punk’s music perfectly compliments the digital world of TRON: Legacy. The music combined with all of the beautiful effects turns the movie into full sensory bliss. To be quite honest I can’t imagine this movie being as enjoyable as it is without this perfect soundtrack. It’s a match made in digital heaven.

Are there purists out there who hate this movie and complain about things such as the laser that beams Sam Flynn into the grid being too big? Of course there are, but I think those people focused on inane details and overlooked the spirit of TRON: Legacy. It’s just as fun and exciting as the first movie and it expands the mythology of that intriguing digital world I was introduced to as a child.

I’ll end this gush session with a fun little video that I refuse to stop quoting.



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