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Lisa, a pop culture icon.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen
"The Coronation of StColaPop" by Shaun Redsar

The tribute art show for my dear late friend, Lisa, came and went but it was truly a memorable one. Friends and family– and even those who did not know her– gathered during the opening night, filling up the student gallery on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, the crowd spilling outside onto the courtyard. I would say almost 300 people showed up on opening night. There were tons of food (like she would have wanted there to be!) and even live djs. Congratulations to Jennifer Cotterill, our fearless and hardworking curator.

To those who went out of their way to come, even if you did not know Lisa personally, I want to give you the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart. My co-worker, Jaguar, told me how he felt that, in a way, he got to know and felt Lisa’s spirit through everybody’s art.

The Fabulous Life of Lisa Nguyen

There were so much artwork that it almost looked like a collage of framed images all the way around the room. It was obvious how much she inspired and touched so many people.

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Long time no write…

So, I put up a preview post a few days ago. And then didn’t follow through! Majorly lame.

In January I went to Fuerteventura to get some much needed sun. It was AWESOME! It was so warm and the beaches were great.


We went to the zoo:


It was surprisingly large and had a wide selection of animals.

We also went surfing, which was great. I love surfing, it’s really unfortunate I didn’t take it up until I moved to England. But such is life!

We also found the most amazing Indian Curry restaurant. I would go back to Fuerteventura to just eat there again, even if it’d hadn’t been a great place.

I definitely recommend the Canary Islands to anyone who wants a tropical holiday while near Europe.

More pics here