Supernatural in LA, Day 1 (part 2)

SPN, LA Con 2011
Richard Speight Jr, Misha Collins, Traci Dinwiddie, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard...and us!

I decided to start this post with the magical photo-op we did at the end of Saturday. Instead of paying for individual photos with the Saturday guests, we decided to pool our money into the group photo instead. I forced/bullied/peer pressured Giselle into the hamster kigurumi. Mark Sheppard was most excited and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He said: “Pikachu!!!” I’m guessing his children enjoys the Pokemon. Jim seemed bewildered and Traci was giggling. Misha had already seen kigus in the past, and I am sure Richard has seen weirder things but he was very amused.

Our direction to them for the photo was to pose like we were all about to go into battle. Richard and Jim follows directions well. Traci is ready to kill Jim and Misha. Misha and Mark… well, something happened there that we did not witness. When the photo was done, Mark commented: “That was the most normal thing they’ve asked us to do all day!”

Mark and Misha were the last two panels of the day.

Mark Sheppard, SPN LA 2011

I was excited to see Mark Sheppard in person. He has played roles in a lot of my favorite TV shows, currently, including Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. He was very funny and even had a good time answering a younger girl’s questions about Justin Bieber. He commented that he thought he could go through his career without ever getting asked about Bieber, and the girl promptly said, “What did you expect? I’m just a teenage girl.” Mark, without missing a beat, quipped back with, “That’s what my first wife said.”

There were plenty of discussions about Mark’s kissing scenes with men, including Jim– who surprised everyone by getting up on stage and accusing Mark of: “You never write. You never call… it’s over.” Misha also interrupted the panel at one point and made shadow puppets on the screen that projected Mark’s face. That was the only video I have from the entire panel, actually.


Misha was doing the shadow puppets for a lot longer than the clip I captures, but I was too busy laughing to whip out my camera in time for it.

It was also very apparent that Mark cared a lot for the science fiction genre and declared that the nerds have inherited the world.

Misha Collins, SPN LA 2011

Misha’s panel was done with typical Misha Collins snark and witty sarcasm. He was quite taken by this giant banner of Jared on the wall and his first comment was, “I didn’t know Jared made porn.” He discussed his work with Random Act, a charity he has associated himself with over these past few months. He talked about the tree he planted in the middle of Hollywood, how he got involved with Stonehenge Apocalypse and answered questions without answering them.

Misha is always a natural stand up comedian and had the room laughing the whole hour he was on stage.

Misha Collins, SPN LA 2011

Here is a collections of video clips from his panel:


Bonus #1 Here is a video of clips from Jim Beaver’s panel that I didn’t get to upload yesterday.


Bonus #2 check out these photos of Giselle, looking very cute AND very angry in the hamster pajama suit. I don’t know how anyone can put on a kigurumi and NOT feel happy while wearing one! Plus, I thought she looked super cute. Nyak, nyak!

Unhappy Hamster Giselle Unhappy Hamster Giselle

To check out the rest of my photos, CLICK HERE to go to my flickr gallery!

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