Supernatural in LA, Day 2

SPN, LA Con 2011
Jensen Ackles, Space Pirate Queen, Gizle, and Jared Padalecki

Compared to when we went to the  convention in Vancouver, Los Angeles has proven itself to be a little bit crazier and somewhat more stressful. I missed the laid back atmosphere of Vancouver con! I forgot to mention that on our first day, two of the women that were running the registration/ticket table were incredibly rude and… well, quite bitchy. Their attitude pretty much told us that they may have been taking advantage of the situation to try and make other people feel bad by talking down on them (aka, as we call it, “power trippin'”). Luckily, the woman who I ended up purchasing my tickets from was much nicer than those first two.

Otherwise, the rest of the CreationEnt staff and volunteers we talked to for the rest of the weekend were much nicer, though somewhat more overwhelmed and stressed out by the bigger LA audience. Though I will have to conclude that I had a much better experience at Vancouver Con.

Sunday was the biggest day, much like Vancouver, because it is the day of everything Jared and Jensen related.

The first thing we did in the morning was our “J2 Sandwich” photo op. I admit, much like my first experience, I was extremely  nervous and quietly freaking out while we waited in line. Although, I did manage to look at Jensen directly (I know, it’s pathetic… I’m such a fangirl) and gave him instructions on how we wanted everyone to pose for the photo: FIERCE and FABULOUS! (like Zoolander!). The two actors were in a very playful and good mood that morning. They played along with our request very eagerly. The only unfortunate part of the experience was that by the time they got to us, CreationEnt had decided they needed to start rushing people and “banned” hugs. Which we felt was very much unfair, especially since we had to watch the people in front of us take their time with Jensen and Jared… and everyone paid the same price for this photo op. I understand the actors are on a tight schedule, but they can’t expect attendees to cough up all that money only to have their experience jilted just because they allowed a few people to linger longer than most. It is our money and time too.

Regardless, I got a little brave and gave Jensen a one arm squeeze around his waist before we had to walk away. I even heard Jared delcare, “I was the most fierce!” as I went pass him. I am quite happy with how the photo turned out too!

I have to give props to Chris, the photographer. Although he was much more accommodating when we were in Vancouver, I understood why he seemed less laid back at this convention. He does make sure that the photos are worth it for us paying customers though, which we very much appreciate.

By noon, Jared and Jensen were on stage at the main theatre, followed by a surprise panel with Jim Beaver, and then Brock Kelly at the end.

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Things started off with Jared breaking his chair on stage. At first, I didn’t even realize what had happened– he just all of a sudden disappeared from above the crowd view! Turned out, he fell straight to the ground the moment he sat down. This set the mood for the rest of the panel, but they are usually very goofy on stage together anyways. They immediately began answering questions; there are many detailed reports and collected twitters on SuperWiki by this time so I will not try and remember everything they talked about.

Highlights for me include when a little girl called Jared: “Mr. Padalecki” and told him that his wife, Genevieve, was “very pretty.” Jared promptly ran off the stage to hug her and declared that “was the cutest thing that ever happened to me.”

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

I also loved this fabulous man that was sitting in front of us who stood up with his arms in the air, shook his hips and yelled, “WHOOO! JENSEN!” Jared was so amused that he asked the man to repeat the performance several times during the panel. I wished I had caught it on video! I did manage to capture some of the better moments on film, so please, enjoy these clips from the panel I put together.




We missed half of it, but Jim Beaver did get back on stage to talk and answer questions. It was a lot of fun especially after someone in the audience asked him to do his “Jared impression.” Jim seemed bewildered by the request and asked, “how does my Jared impression sound like?” From behind the stage where the boys were signing autographs, Jared yelled, “IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS!” From that moment on, Jared and Jensen started to yell random things while Jim tried to talk. They mocked and impersonated Jim, with Jensen yelling things out like, “I NEED TO POOP!”

Like I said, the actors were in a very playful mood! They even started throwing things at Jim on stage. Jim told Jared: “Nice aim, Sasquatch.”

When Jim talked about how Jensen was one of the best directors he ever worked with, Jensen ran up on stage and gave him a hug.

The last guest to do a Q&A on stage was Brock Kelly, who played young Dean in the episode, After School Special.

Brock Kelly @ SPN LA 2011

Brock talked about his (short) preparation for the role as Dean, his friendship with Colin Ford (who played Young Sam alongside Brock), football, his dream of playing the role of Gambit in an X-Men movie (even demonstrating his cajun accent), how he wants to get nude on television (preferably on the show Spartacus), beer funneling, and playing on his Playstation 3.

He said that Colin had played a prank on him and called him one day to tell him that they replaced him with a different actor to play Young Dean. Brock claimed that he was so said until Colin told him he was only joking. In which Brock replied that he will “kick his ass.” Brock even talked about his past altercations while he was in high school and an audience member commented that he was sounding more and more like Dean in real life.

Traci Dinwiddie came back on stage with her drum group for a special performance. She got the audience involved and singing drum beats with her. It was a fun show but unfortunately, we had to leave right when she was pulling people on stage to dance. I would have loved to dance with Traci! Alas, I accompanied Gizle to her photo op with Brock instead.

Afterwards, there was long and painful wait to pick up the print out of our J2 photo op, plus having to line up again just to purchase copies of the digital files of the pictures we took that weekend. I was feeling quiet exhausted by this point but we managed to go to Curry House for dinner to top off our weekend.

Yes, I definitely enjoyed the convention and even more, fangirling with Gizle over our current favorite television series. A part of me definitely wants to go back next year. Mostly, I want to attend all three days next year, even if I don’t spend all the money on photo ops… as long as we attend the karaoke night next time! Which seems to be a fantastic time! I love karaoke… even better if the Supernatural cast members will be singing along too!

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

For the rest of my photos, please visit my Flickr gallery.

Don’t forget to read the blog reports about the first day of the con. Thanks for reading!

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