Arcade Infinity’s Last Night

Arcade Infinity

My first ever blog on the LA Weekly’s Style Council section is now up: Arcade Infinity, the Final Round: Video Game Hotspot Closes. I wrote about Arcade Infinity’s last night before it closed permanently, with interviews from the gamers that visited AI frequently throughout the eleven years it was open. It was my first time professionally going out and doing a report. I have a long way to go when it comes to asking people questions during interviews, but I hope I learn by experience as I fumble along the way.

Arcade Infinity
My boyfriend took this photo of me conducting one of my interviews at AI :)

For those who doesn’t know, I am an Advertising Graphic Designer for the LA Weekly Magazine. I have been working for them for almost three years now! I do like my job a lot and the people I work with. Recently, my co-worker (a writer) and friend, Liz Ohanesian, asked me to contribute as a blogger too and I agreed. Despite the fact that I’ve been writing in my personal blogs for many years now, it is different to blog professionally. Readers expect you to be more of a reporter and to have your facts straight and in order. Although, my worst fear is actually my weak grammar!

For those who have been reading Defective Geeks have probably noticed my lack of grammar expertise. I try my best, I swear! Thankfully, Gizzy has agreed to help proofread my LA Weekly blogs before I submit them. It’s good to have more eloquent, English-experts on your team.

I also realized I will probably be dealing with some anonymous commenters who will go out of their way to leave rude comments. This bothers me less. I think I have been on the internet for far too long to waste my time on those kind of people. We all get far too brave when we are typing behind the safety of our computer monitors. It is only fact that many drop their manners and find joy in the fake empowerment of being mean to online strangers. I know that if those people ever saw me in person, most of them will not have the balls to even talk to me.

For those who will help me with my new freelance blog endeavor- the ones who will leave constructive criticism in a polite way and give me feedback… I thank you all in advance! Your support means a lot to me.

To those who will come out of the woodwork and hate on me for no reason… prepared to be thoroughly ignored.

Again, please go and check out the blog: Final Round: Video Game Hotspot Closes. Don’t forget to check out all the other great entries from our many writers too.

Arcade Infinity
My boyfriend and his younger cousin, holding their last AI token! He is saving it for the memories :)

Check out our flickr gallery for the rest of our photos!

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