Japan Gets Hit By Earthquakes & Tsunami: How You Can Help

All of you are aware by now that Japan has been hit by earthquakes and tsunami at a devastating level. In 2006, I lived in Japan for half a year during a study abroad program near Tokyo. I lived with a host family and made many friends while I was there (they are all safe, thank goodness). Japan was my home for many months and I hold the country very close to my heart. It is difficult to watch the news and media outlets and see cities and towns in Northern Japan get swept away so easily by the tsunami waters.

My host family and I while I lived in Japan, during Cherry Blossom season.


There are many ways to easily send help to the country and the most straightforward way is to donate to the Red Cross. You can choose to donate specifically to the aid of Japan on their donation page. You may also make a quick $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

PCMag.com has a great list of different organizations to send donations to.

#PrayForJapan Art Fundraiser Exhibition

For those who are in the Southern California area, people that I know are gathering together to host benefit art show at Japan LA in Melrose, CA. Many artists have donated their artwork and 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Red Cross. They are looking for volunteers that can help put this show together. If you are interested in helping, donating and attending, please check Bubble Punch and Sweet Streets LA for more information.

I will not be able to make it to this art show, unfortunately, as I’ve made other plans and will be away from L.A. I have made my donations to the Red Cross, and I am contemplating having my own mini-fundraiser in the near future. I will keep you all updated on this.

Let’s Not Forget the Pets!

People’s safety comes first, but we should not forget all the animals that have also suffered. Many owners have probably lost their pets and many pets have probably lost their homes. Many are injured and very much helpless. For information on how to donate to animal rescue in Japan, the DailyTail.com has a great article with a few links.

This video has been making its rounds on my facebook feed. If you have avoided the media coverage of the disaster, this short 6 minutes clip will give you an idea on how much damage the tsunami has caused.

ABC News posted aerial shots of the Japanese coastlines before and after the earthquake.

TheAtlantic.com posted compelling photos of Japan the day after the earthquake and tsunami hit.

For more accurate facts and information about Japan’s current situation, please check news websites such as CNN.com or BBC News.

Please donate if you can– every little bit counts and will add up. To people who are in Japan, I am very sorry for your lost and please continue to be safe.

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