Anime Los Angeles Day Three

Day three starts out ~*romantically*~ (NO NOT REALLY.)

Poor Vince didn’t get too much sleep the night before because he was a gentleman and slept on the floor so all of us girls have beds. Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold since we have a balcony and the draft is horrible. He also woke up with Kelly’s feet dangling in his face. Poor guy.

We both woke up about the same time at a very early hour so we decided to go jogging. He’s been on this regimen for over a year so running is cakewalk for him. For me it’s more like trying to keep going with lava injected into my veins.

But he was nice and slowed down for me when I would stop every minute or so. And then tell me to keep going. ‘3’

We got back but everyone was still sleeping so I took the opportunity to shower and then start changing. It was going to be a grueling last day. Why?

Four Words:

HETALIA COSPLAY GATHERING DAY (+ the hell of having to check out and get all your stuff in the car when all the thousands of guests are doing the same thing)

It’s like Naruto back in its prime. Orange and yellow wherever you turn…ninja headbands everywhere…

Except switch out the orange and yellow for a rainbow of “military uniforms” and cheap headbands for large flags.

I had a superb view of this swarm just building and building and BUILDING below me. Even before I had gone jogging, there were one or two people downstairs taking pictures. By the time I had showered at 8:20, there were 10. By 9am, THERE WERE HUNDREDS. I believe I saw a Poland cosplayer scale one of the palm trees by the pool. Dear lord, they were everywhere. It was somewhat fascinating to just see this thing grow in size and in volume. You can’t hear the planes coming into LAX.

But I really can’t rag on Axis Powers Hetalia or the gatherings too much. It’s something I secretly casually enjoy can tolerate plus I chose to cosplay from it because a few of my cool friends wanted to do a group with all the official genderbends! My friend Ellome put this one together which meant it’s automatically awesome.
the dub can be kind of hilarious at times.

Our beautiful “Nyotalia” group being silly. (missing Japan and England due to sickness. Otherwise complete)

Lauren and I nearly missed it because we were waiting for a bellboy FOREVER. (protip: Try to get everything into the car the night before to avoid agony.)

After we took a few pictures, we found Kelly and Robert being bunnies! There was a New Years panel and so bunny accessories were appropriate for the Year of the Rabbit.

Kelly as Mihashi (Oofuri! / Big Windup!) and Admyr/Robert as King Kazuma (Summer Wars)

Robert wasn’t in a very good mood for some reason and we quickly found out why: all the little kids were just so intrigued by his costume and would run up to him as if he was Mickey Mouse. But you know, we cosplayers are SUPER SERIOUS and we can’t have fun with that. Especially when we’re in fur suits and are mistaken to be foxes or a fellow furry. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, Robert is available for birthdays, Easter, and “special occasions”. Just call him up.

Kelly took Lauren’s Hetalia DVDs to have Patrick Seitz (Jouji ‘George’ Koizumi , Issin Kurosaki, Germany, etc) sign them but we also ran into him while he was going to another panel. A small group of young Hetalia cosplayers glared at us but they’re haters. We talked to him for a good ten minutes and he’s a very sweet guy! We found out he also wrote the English script for Summer Wars so we got very excited. At that time, the dub hadn’t come out but we saw it in February and it was very well done!

Spwinkles and Katy as Tohru and Kyou from Fruits Basket. <3

The Galactic Pretty Boy! (Ginga Bishounen) from the recently popular series Star Driver (it’s directed by the same guy as Sailor Moon and Utena. FIGURES).

I broke off for a while since I still hadn’t gone to the dealer’s hall or artist alley. The former has become less and less of a priority over the years when most everything can be bought online for cheaper and when I’ve become more choosy and stingy. I was awfully tempted by these tribbles though:
They made the table shake!

I ended up buying a pair of Bodyline “rocking horse shoes” though. The artist alley has a lot of amazing work but as Space Pirate Queen has mentioned, sales weren’t doing too well. I was eyeing this custom-made vaporeon plushie but I chose not to buy it because it’s HUGE. Why is my room so tiny???

Yoshiko and Kelly again.

Sailor Pokemon.
Pokemen. (they had a video skit on youtube but can’t find it. this is just as disturbing though)

Whiteliliacs as a character from Chaos;Head.

Random_Karen as Pirate England. She kept running into Kelly the entire day. STALKERS.

Alice being cute in lolita attire!

I wasn’t kidding about the Black Swan. I also found an Edward Cullen cosplayer who put on body glitter (“Someone has to be ridiculous!”). Both are amazing.

The new face of instant noodles is me. Oh who’s that in the background?

We ran into DramaElf by the con suite (free food! though they got super organized this year and that was a little sad that we couldn’t hang around the room like in previous years.). She’s so cute. <3

Robert took off his costume near the end of the con but forgot to remove everything.

Vince took advantage of the empty piano by the karaoke room and started playing a lot of songs. A bunch of younger attendees would request songs but Vince didn’t know a lot of them. Ah the generation gap! It shows! But we figured out the key to the Pokemon theme song and he played it when the Pokemon people were gathering.

We got tired of the piano after about an hour so we went to change and got some shabu shabu in Little Tokyo before splitting up and heading home. All in all, it was a very fun convention as it always is and it will always have a special place in my heart.

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