Cambridge, A Preview!

Yesterday, I arrived in England and I have now invaded Pilbeam’s lovely home in Cambridge. On the drive from Heathrow to their house, they gave me a little welcome present. Cadbury eggs! A proper English Easter chocolate treat!


On my first full day, we took a walk around town and saw more of Cambridge’s famous sights. I will have to post those photos when I get home because I can only use my phone pictures right now. I give you the view from Pilbeam’s guest room.


I am suffering a little bit from jet lag but I took a nap today after a long day of walking. I went to Pilbeam’s life drawing class and her art teacher allowed me to participate. It was pretty awesome to be in an art class in England, I must say. I was a little rusty at it but I didn’t do too poorly. Either way it was loads of fun.

More updates soon!

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