The Art of Adorning: The Orange County Bead Bazaar

If you’re in the Southern California and interested in unique and beautiful handmade jewelry and beads from all around the world, then I recommend you come to the Bead Bazaar of Orange County this Saturday. Every year this bazaar is held at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana and and every year the variety of jewelry becomes more vast and wonderful.

I’ve attended the Bead Bazaar almost every year for the past eight years and every time it is a delight. The way it works is that there are individual venders that display jewelry and beads they’ve made or acquired (pretty much like Comic Con, except it’s only beads) and you can browse and admire all of the great artistry.

A Tibetan pendant from the vendor Pema Enterprises.

A wire wrapped piece by the vendor Kat Clark.


The beads of Jess Imports.

Washi paper beads by Bastanchury Studios.

(10% of all washi paper sales will be donated to Japanese relief efforts)

Admission is FREE so you don’t need to worry about getting a pass! The bazaar runs from 10am to 4pm and there are raffles so you have a chance to win some beautiful beads. I’m actually going to be helping out one of the vendors, so if you come by make sure to say hey!

Here are the DIRECTIONS to the museum. Hope to see you there!

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Written by Gizzy B