1 year crochet/knitting anniversary

This month is my 1 year crochet and knitting anniversary. I’m really happy about it, because it is rare for me to stick to any hobby for this long. (Wow, that’s a bad pun. Sorry).

I feel like I’m come really far in one year, but I’m still excited because there is still so much to learn!

This month has been kind of a ‘finishing’ month. A lot of projects I’ve had on the go, since about January, have finally come to an end! Just in time for the hot weather :P

First up are some gloves:

They’re made from wool my friend Katie gave me. The wool is really soft (Alpaca and Merino! My new love!) and a really interesting texture. Most yarn is simply several thin ‘strings’ twisted together to make a big string. But this is actually braided. It had good and bad points. Bad points were if I had to rip out several rows, getting them back on the needles was a nightmare. Good points were it made a really nice texture in the final product.

Second, salad!


A salad scarf from Twinkie Chan’s book. I made the cupcake hat from that book, back in December.

Third, piggy (ok, not finished, but getting close):


This is from Mochimochi Land‘s book. Great book, lots of very interesting patterns. I still need to finish the feet and wig! Can’t have a wigless pig.

Whew! I can’t decide what to work on next. I have some amazing new yarn from my travels with Space Pirate Queen (I’ll make another post about them soon). I think I’m starting to get brave enough to consider doing larger projects soon….Maybe.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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