Karaoke, Picnics and Late-Night Shenanigans

Spent a weekend with friends, surrounded by love and lots of fun. Friday night, I joined some friends at the Caffe Brass Monkey at Koreatown to sing our hearts out so our late friend, Lisa, could hear us from heaven. I ended the night a little early in order to get some rest after working a long shift from work. The following day we all had a picnic and managed to gather a load of delicious food! Missy made these amazing red velvet cake covered in dark chocolate with raspberry filling… in the shape of hearts!

Karaoke & Picnic, for Lisa

It was amazing to see everyone and be able to laugh together. I also realized that I haven’t been at a picnic for a very long time. We managed to have Church’s chicken, empanadas and Lee’s Sandwiches out on our grassy feast. I love my friends. Speaking of, I love this photo I took of Gizzy and Missy together. My friends are beautiful!

At night, I joined my boyfriend at Taix French restaurant in Los Angeles to celebrate his cousin, Dave and Dave’s girlfriend, Irene’s birthdays.

The food was pretty good. I had the veal with mashed potatoes, some side veggies and then the chocolate mousse for dessert. The service at the place was awesome and I love the old timey feeling of the place. Felt super Victorian and it was a fun to dress up and have a nice dinner. I recommend it for a nice meal with those special people in your life. Oh! I was totally lucky enough to have a trade certificate for the restaurant, courtesy of work. Free meal made the food even better! We went to Busby’s to get our clubbing on after dinner and I am still recovering from all the partying.

Dave and Irene's Berdday, 2011

Dave and Irene's Berdday, 2011
My new shoes.
Dave and Irene's Berdday, 2011
Busby's was pretty classy- but the people were... well, you know. Haha.
Dave and Irene's Berdday, 2011
Me and my boy, Taglebot!

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