As Heard On S.I.R, Smodcast Internet Radio!

This morning, our S.I.R advertisement aired at around 8am on Plus One Per Diem! (squee!) Gizzy and I are still kind of freaking out (in a good way) because– let’s face it, it’s kind of awesome to hear Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach do a plug about this blog and our podcast (more squee!). Thank you, Kevin and Jen, for the wonderful commercial! It has made us smile all day long. You guys are amazing.

Hopefully, new readers have found their way on our website and this is my little welcome to all of you. Thank you for checking out the blog even if it was just in passing. Even to those who took a peek and said: “this mother fuckers are lamers” and promptly closed your browser window. We appreciate the hit anyways.

To those who plan on sticking around, I hope that you will enjoy the blog and the podcast, if you plan to listen. Again, we are four lady geeks: Space Pirate Queen, Pilbeam, Gizzy and Fortune Cookie.

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Much love,

The Defective Geeks Team: Not a Cock in the Bunch

PS: The commercial is on the May 24th, 2011 episode of Plus One Per Diem at the beginning of the show. Or, you can go to my tumblr to hear a quick recording of it.

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