Clash of the nerd-doms

You may or may not have gathered by now that I really like crochet and knitting. But what I love most about it has been meeting people just as nerdy as me, who also knit and crochet. Some of the things they create are truly amazing:

Jayne Amigurumi
Geek Central Station

When I found out there was going to be a tournament on Ravelry called Nerd Wars, I had to get involved!

The tournament takes place over three months. Each month there are 6 challenges and your goal is complete as many of them as you can that month.

Everyone is split into teams (I’m on Team Rogue Squadron – GO STAR WARS). The challenges will be a generic geeky topic, like Prime Numbers. You then have to think of a project you can make that incorporates prime numbers, but also relates to your team theme.

This is the second tournament they’ve run, I missed the first one, but I’m really looking forward to it! It should be a fun way to stretch my yarn skills and make some cool stuff in the process.

I’ll probably post here with updates on how the tournament is going and what I’m working on.

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