Nerd Wars – Round 1 – Stage 1


The challenges have been posted! They are:

Make something 3Dimensional
Make something to do with lightning
Make something to do with an adage or proverb
Make something inspired by a famous youtube video

So, 3D is easy. I’ll just make a Star Wars toy, no problemo.

Lightning, either a lightsaber or I may go crazy and do Palpatine with his Force lightning bolts. Can’t go wrong with old Palpy.

Adage or proverb, we’re still up in the air as to whether movie quotes count. “Let the wookie win” is definitely a proverb in my family, but we’re not sure if they’re legit or not for the contest. But I’m sure I can find a Chinese proverb that says much the same.

But, youtube! I need help! I don’t watch anything from youtube. The challenge becomes harder because, for extra points, I need to connect it to my fandom (Star Wars) some how. The only one I can think of is that kid with the lightsaber, which I suppose I could do, but I bet you wonderful people can think of better things than that, surely! It can be tangentially related to Star Wars, so I was considering doing a lolcat with Leia buns, but I feel like there’s something better out there.

Help me ceiling cat, you’re my only hope!

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