Geeking Out At Disneyland: the NEW Star Tours Ride

We conquered the newly revamped Star Tours ride at Disneyland last week. Wholia came all the way out from Utah to visit for the weekend and we used it as an excuse to renew our Disneyland annual passes. We spent a whole day shoving children out of our way and rode as many rides as we could in one day.

We waited for over an hour for this new Star Tours experience-  not bad in comparison to the 2-3 hours wait others endured when the ride first opened earlier this month. It was totally worth it. To kill time during the wait, we started filming and managed to put together the first ever Defective Geeks movie. We also introduce another honorary Defective Geeks, Missy. This film is compelling! Funny! Exciting! …FULL. OF. ACTION!

Just watch it. It’s kind of awesome. Even though I only have iMovie to edit it (super amateur…).

If you’re having trouble viewing it above, click here to view it directly on youtube.

Disneyland 6/9/2011
Our awesome group at Disneyland that day. Hell yeah.

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