Lady Geek Spotlight: Stephanie Hayslip, Actress, Singer and Likes the ‘F-Word’ a Lot

Today, female nerds are lucky enough to have the internet and to have blogs, twitters, facebooks, etc. where we can voice our opinions and be heard by our community. Still, I wanted to reach out to the ladies who have made an impression on me  and specially feature them on Defective Geeks. We bring you our new feature – the Lady Geek Spotlight! Each girl we choose are given the option of either doing an interview or a guest blog for us.

I ‘met’ Stephanie through SponSIRs and right off the bat she had an incredibly positive attitude about female geeks coming together as a community and sticking with each other… I was immediately a fan. Stephanie currently lives in Los Angeles, a proud redhead, an actress and an incredible singer. Just watch the video on her website – – when she performed for Hollywood director, Quentin Tarantino. I love a multi-talented woman who is not afraid to show it off. She’s loud and she’s proud of it! Read our interview below and get to know this badass Lady Geek.

DEFECTIVEGEEKS: What is the origin story of your geek? When did you first know you were a geek?

STEPHANIE HAYSLIP: I think I first knew I was a geek when I was joining a “Star Trek” fan group that met at the public library by myself at the age of 9. Bajoran nose, Vulcan ears and all.  But I was the 8 year-old kid wanting to marry Edward Scissorhands long before it was popular, too…

DG: Tell us how you got into performing in broadway! Do you plan to take your career to the big (or small) screen?

HAYSLIP: Haha, not on broadway yet, but working on it! I love the stage, it’s my first and forever love, but even there my geek can’t be contained. Most drama freaks want to listen to “Les Mis,” or Patti LuPone, or Ethel Merman. I’d much rather listen to Evil Dead: The Musical, Bat Boy, or  Toxic Avenger. And don’t even get me STARTED on Carrie: The Musical, or Dance of the Vampires.  Truly, truly genius that is oh so misunderstood. As for plans to go to film or tv, this is what I have to say – I would love to be a sci-fi star. You can keep your anonymity much easier because you aren’t as well-known most of the time, and no “vanilla” TV series nor movie has ever done for me what a sci-fi/fantasy/horror series or movie has done for me. I just think that there is a level of storytelling and emotion that you can get when you move out of the normal, everyday storyline and add a touch of magic to it, whether it be aliens, ghosts, vampires or dragons.  Even little gnomes that poop chicklets.

DG: Broadway, stage… either way, we think you’re a star ;] Tell us more about these geek-musicals and where can we find them!

HAYSLIP: Oh wow! Hmm…I could end up doing my own podcast solely on geeky musicals, but no one would listen, so let me pick a few of my favs (and the ones you can actually find a recording of – “Carrie” for instance is a classic disaster that is still talked about 20 years later on Broadway, and the only recordings of it are old videos posted to YouTube and bootlegs.

Evil Dead: Hail to the King, Baby. I’ve been in love with Ash since I was knee-high to a pig’s eye and a huge fan of the movies for ages.  (A girl gets raped by a TREE.  What the fuck???)  And this musical covers both the 1st and 2nd movies of the trilogy.  If they did an Army of Darkness musical to round out the collection, I might die and go to heaven. Anyway, the tongue-in-cheek in this one is more than worthy of the cheese that is the original movies, and “Bit Part Demon” is one of the greatest moments in the show, small and memorable as it is.  There was even a “Splash Zone” in the theatre to warn people in the front that they may get slimed with blood and other viscera.  Score. RECOMMENDED LISTENING: “What the F$ck Was That?” and  “Bit Part Demon”

Starmites: Ok, get this guys. This is a musical…about a CHICK…who loves COMIC BOOKS.  YUP. CHECK THAT SHIT OUT AND STUFF IT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT. Of course, it didn’t do so hot on broadway. But do I care? Eff no! Eleanor ends up being sucked into her amazing fantasy/sci-fi world, where she battles the evil Diva, has a friend who is a weird lizard creature and the hunky Space Punk falls in love with her. The show is still done from time to time, and I WILL be Diva one day. Please believe THAT. RECOMMENDED LISTENING : “Superhero Girl” and “It’s Hard To Be Diva”

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman!: What it says on the tin. A crazed Nobel-Prize winner tries to destroy the world and Superman comes to save the day! Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark ain’t got shit on Kent, man. Although god bless, the guy in the televised cast from 1975 looks a little wimpy for the suit via the pic on Wikipedia. But anything with Lesley Ann Warren gets my attention. I honestly haven’t sat down and listened to the entire cast recording of this, but “You’ve Got Possibilities” will get stuck in your head for days in the cheeriest of ways. RECOMMENDED LISTENING: “You’ve Got Possibilities”

[We will do a separate blog post for the rest of Stehpanie’s recommendations. Wait for it.. they’re AMAZING!]

If you were to star in your own sci-fi movie or television series, what kind of a character will you play and what will be the plot?

HAYSLIP: I am a Whedon-ite, he is my master. Once day I want to sing in one of his projects, if I could do just that, I would be content.  So, if I had a choice, it would be a Joss-fueled vehicle, and it would be supernaturally-based.  I’ve loved vampires long before the original “Buffy” movie came out, but that’s played out at the moment. Not to mention Joss has played that hand already.  Space always rocks too, I would love to do something maybe “Farscape”-ish, with a lot of brilliant writing and some hot guy to be sexy with.  Ya gotta have the hot guy to be sexy with.

Stephanie Faces A Dalek!

DG: Your last blog post on your website was about summer movies. Do you have a favorite of any of the ones you’ve seen currently?

HAYSLIP: Ok, as you will soon find out I have a lot of conspiracy theories about the gayness and the glory of that gayness in pretty much all comic book/sci-fi characters. Now, saying that, there are two couples that are fighting for epic angtsy bromance of the year this summer, and there will be three by July. They are, (in chronological order,) Thor and Loki, Erik and Charles, and Steve and Bucky. I rest my motherfuckin’ case.  If I had a mic, this is when I would drop it and walk off like a pimp.

DG: What kind of seamstress work do you do? Have you made steampunk costumes before?

HAYSLIP: I wish!  I don’t even have a sewing machine in LA. I’ve had to stick to a lot of hand sewing for the past few years. Mainly, I work on t-shirt reconstructions so I can cute-ify old clothes I have without needing to buy new ones, and/or making gifts/making something because I’m bored/etc. I DID make myself a Star Trek Snuggie though. Medical blue, original series, with gold cording on the sleeves. No lie. Had to hand-stitch it of course, but hey, it’s just got that much more love in it.

DG: Do you go to any geeky events around Los Angeles? What is your favorite thing to do in the city or around it?

HAYSLIP: I LOVE going to screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. It’s my new favorite hangout. I saw The Shining one week, then Harold and Maude the next, which filled my horror and film nerd urges respectively. There’s also Ten Forward, which is a coffeehouse on Vine between Hollywood and Sunset that not only has the best coffee I’ve ever had, but is filled with cult movie posters.  The best thing about it is the Star Trek references, of course. The name is a huge bonus of course, but there is also little nods throughout the menu, like comm badges for bullet points and items like “Data’s Level 3 Diagnostic,” “Troi’s Double Hot Chocolate,” and my favorite, “LaForge’s Eye Opener.”  Last but not least there is [San Diego’s] Comic Con, but I have only been able to afford it once so far since moving to LA.  And that…that was magical.

DG: Why do you think it’s important for girls to be proud of being a Lady Geek?

HAYSLIP: You gotta be true to who you are. Regular people are boring, in fact, I’ve come to realize I’m not a fan of human beings. If Planet of the Apes were to really happen, I would totes be on the side of the simians. Just tie me up, drag me off for menial labor, I’ll go willingly. I think that the geeks of this world are precious, but LADY Geeks should be coveted and revered. We’re so rare. And where guys can go off about the ability of the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace, we go off on how brilliant the arc of Simon’s character on Firefly developed.  It’s always a personal thrill of mine to out-geek a boy geek, or to out-gore a horror man. We’re the ones who cry when the characters hurt, who open our minds to these worlds and welcome them to come in and set up shop in our hearts. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And he may have a face-hugger under that beard, so watch the fuck out.

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