Why Aren’t You Watching Already?!

Doctor Who is currently on its 29th season! Are you watching? Okay so technically it’s only the 6th season, but fans of the old and the new count it as the 29th. The hardcore fans know better. At any rate, the show is on it’s all time high. So jump on the bandwagon. It’s okay, really. We won’t call you names for watching now, because Doctor Who is a damn great show and everyone should be watching it!

For most geeks, you probably are watching the show. For those who haven’t seen or just started, here’s a short and nice 101 guide, without spoilers, for the new reboot. Don’t go reading Wikipedia or whatevs… It’ll just ruin stuff for you. Maybe.

The Doctor. That’s his name, well not really but that’s what he goes by. The Doctor’s name is never revealed… He’s a Time Lord, from Gallifrey. What does that mean? Simply put, he can travel in and out of time, anytime, anywhere, any universe, which ever time, lunch time, dinner time, nap time… You get the point. Although, there are some exceptions and he mentions it… But rules are always meant to be broken. Oh yeah, the Doctor can regenerate. His body regenerates itself when it has been damaged, near death, into a new body and a new face. Am I a ginger?! (This was the writers’ way of keeping the show alive and going and to introduce new Doctors.)

The Companion(s). The Doctor never travels alone. He doesn’t like to. So he picks up strays. Okay, no he doesn’t. Well kind of, but he usually picks up someone that he knows he’ll get along with. A friend for the ride, to explore the unknowns. Kind of like bragging to them, “Look at what I can do!”  The First Doctor had three companions, but as of late, all of the Doctor’s companions have been just one and usually ladies. SWEET! Why women, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that the Doctor has a love and appreciation for mankind. Also, it’s the writers’ way of making sure that there is a character that we can identify with, human emotions and the whole lot, some one less… Alien. Although, the Doctor does have human like emotions, he does feels connections, but he would not react the same way as any normal human would. He doesn’t think the way a human would. His intelligence is off the charts and he thinks more often in a logical sense rather than with his emotions. Or maybe companions are just there for comic relief and a little bit of dramalhama. What show doesn’t have drama! So tada! There you go, companions.

The T.A.R.D.I.S.  It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It’s the Time Lords’ space-time ride., yo! Small on the outside, bigger on the inside. (Insert joke here.) It’s a blue police call box, why? C’mon it’s pretty obvious. To look inconspicuous of course! Especially when you’ve just traveled back to the 16th century… Okay, so it does have a way to cloak itself to look like something else or be invisible. With the rise in popularity of the show, the classic blue police call box became the iconic symbol of the Doctor. Inside the main room, (by the way, there are probably hundreds of rooms in that thing,) is the main controls for the TARDIS. The Doctor is usually running around the controls like a mad man. It’s quite funny at times. Okay, I can’t tell you anymore about it because you should just watch the show and learn more.

The Tenth Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S.

The Premise. So the Doctor and his companion travel to different points in time just to have fun and explore, but with every place and time they visit, there’s something amiss. The Doctor isn’t one to just let things slide, so the show becomes like a mystery. He goes on the hunt to find out what’s wrong and fixes it. It usually turns into a big adventure and crazy laser shooting guns blasting every where! No, That last part was a lie… Only in some episodes. But, really, it gets suspenseful! Just FYI, this show is sci-fi heavy! If you haven’t picked up on that yet. Also, time and events keep looping in and around them. So what starts off as a single story episode, becomes part of a bigger picture. You have to notice the common theme in each episode, look for that one thing that’s re-occurring, because you can bet something huge is going to come soon. LIKE THUNDER AND LIGHTING!!! IT WAS ALL SO VERY FRIGHTENING! Oh, um, where was I… I think all that you really need to know is that Earth and the human race is always under threat of being destroyed or taken over by some alien or creature, be it Cyber Men, Dalek or getting stuck in a traffic jam for centuries… Or losing your memory and you don’t remember you’re a Time Lord.

My fiancé and I have introduced the show to a few of our friends and the one thing we always advise before watching is that the first season is very campy and it’ll be hard to follow and to get into. Trust me, stick it out! Near the midpoint of season one, it gets really good, and then once you’ve hit the end of the Ninth Doctor’s run and into the Tenth Doctor, it gets really interesting. Not to say that the Ninth Doctor was bad or anything! The show was just rebooting and was trying to find its footing. There was a trial reboot of the Doctor Who story back in ’96, but it didn’t do so well. I don’t want to pass over Christopher Eccleston, the actor who played the Ninth Doctor, (counting from where the older series left off,) because he did a great job playing the Doctor, but when David Tennant is introduced as the Tenth Doctor… Oh boy! Tennant makes for a fun, goofy, likable Doctor. He’s this ball of energy, bouncing off the walls. It doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty dashing too. It’s also apparent that the writers are feeling a great connection with Tennant because the growth of the Doctor’s personality really shines through Tennant. The six season brings us Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. It will be hard to let go of David Tennant, but Matt Smith will add new dimensions to the Doctor, along with the old qualities that we fell in love with from the Tenth Doctor. I hope that was enough to convince you it’s worth watching! Not to mention that the BBC has now given the show a bigger budget! You really notice it later during Tennant’s run as the Doctor, but definitely in the newer seasons. HIGH DEF NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Matt Smith as the Eleventh.

But whatevs! Don’t take my word on it. Just check it out, stick it out and judge for yourself. Now, would be the best time to catch up on the seasons. The second half of season 6 is due back sometime August. I can’t wait!

So, why aren’t you watching already?! (Giselle?!)

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Peace out!

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