Puella Magi Madoka Magica Photoshoot

At Anime Expo 2011, I participated in three photoshoots (four if you count a casual one) and I’m sure if I wasn’t doing Artist Alley, it would be double that.

There’s something about cosplaying at a convention location that really draws me in. Some cosplayers prefer to schedule photoshoots outside of a convention to be away from the crowds and distractions but unless I have a specific location in mind, I really do love shooting a “con location”.

Part of it is exploring the surrounding area and being creative and part of it is just feeding off the excitement and energy of the convention itself. When you spent countless hours making a costume, you want to really make that work POP in a unique photograph but it’s also tragic to not get some attention from other convention attendees. What can I say? Cosplayers crave attention! Even shy ones like me.

For the Puella Magi Madoka Magica shoot, we ventured into the underground garage beneath the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s a favorite tried-and-true place for us to shoot during Anime Expo.

Space Pirate Queen did her DOGS cosplay shoot with her friends Christy and Tiffany a few years ago.

and then Re:Play (Christy’s OEL manga) with friends Ivy and ¬† Tasu about a year later.

I did an Axis Powers Hetalia shoot in here as well last year.

I’m ¬†truly surprised that few people use this space for pictures. You don’t have to go far and with the right lighting and angles, it really gives the proper dark atmosphere without risking your neck in the middle of downtown Los Angeles alleys at night.

Anyways, enjoy some of the pictures we took! This setting worked well because the anime’s atmosphere’s a very dark one despite the very girly and colorful designs.

I borrowed my friend’s Kyoko costume and props because my Mami costume had wardrobe malfunction at the last minute. It is a little loose on me but I thought I did pretty well considering I usually don’t play cocky and spunky heroines.

We got split up or stopped a few times for casual pictures on our way to the garage.

Group shot with the main girls and the show’s mascot Kyubey.

And another. With human Kyubey.

Mami, watch out!

It’s not Madoka without…MORNING RESCUE!

It’s this commercial that airs during Madoka a lot so Morning Rescue cosplayers were just as common as Madoka cosplayers. It’s pretty silly.


It also apparently tastes like watered-down orange juice with spicy herbs. I guess for a hangover cure? =/

Contract? I’ll think about it.


Photographer: Vincent Diamante


Madoka (pink): Snippershoo

Sayaka (blue): YumeDarling

Mami (yellow): ???

Homura (purple): ???

Human Kyubei (white; original design): YoshikoChan

Charlotte (pink with long white sleeves; original design): Yan

Morning Rescue man: ???

Kyoko (red): me

Yes, I was in so much of a rush to get back that I didn’t get half the names of the other people. I will amend this if I find them!

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